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Runs from Thursday September 24 2020 to Saturday October 17 2020

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Metro Theatre
1370 S.W. Marine Drive
Vancouver BC V6P 5Z9

Event Notes

× The time – 1882; Two Oxford University students, Jack and Charley, want to have their girlfriends to lunch. Charley’s Aunt is to chaperone, but has to ‘beg off” at the last minute. Someone must impersonate her. Who better than their friend Lord Fancourt Babberly? ” Babbs” is usually “up for anything “. But this will test even his limits. He is to dress up as Charley’s Aunt from Brazil “where the nuts come from “. One of the most iconic lines in English-speaking theatre from a wonderful classic farce loved the world over for its zaniness.

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